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AGN International Ltd. is ranked the 4th largest accounting association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms in the world, according to International Accounting Bulletin.

In pursuance of AGN’s vision and mission, member firms offer a complete range of services in the field of audit & assurance, risk management services and other consultancy services, to a large range of organizations from the private and public sectors.

The European Region represents 40% of international income, with more than 3,000 partners and staff that provide high quality and specialized services. Its 65 Member Firms offer professional services from almost all European countries.

<div ></div>According to Cloudflare, encryption is a way of scrambling data so that the information can only be read by people who have access to it. Technically, encryption is the process of converting human-readable plaintext into incomprehensible text. This text is also referred to as ciphertext. So, encryption aims to prevent third parties from knowing what is being shared or discussed.

When a third party attempts to hack, what they see is random, incomprehensible text. To be able to read it, you need a cryptographic key. This cryptographic key itself is the characters used in the encryption algorithm to scramble the text into a random display and also be able to convert it back into plaintext. Although it looks very random, there is actually a certain system of logic that governs the randomization. Good encryption is complex so it is not easy for anyone to crack.

Before encryption is done, you must first know what cipher or password will be used to hide the original meaning of a text. Then, specify the variable that is used as the key. In general, cybersecurity experts usually use two types of ciphers, namely symmetric and asymmetric ciphers.

Symmetrical ciphers
Symmetric ciphers in encryption are types that use a single key. Sometimes, this type of cipher is referred to as secret key encryption or shared secret. For this type, the sender or the computer system that performs the encryption process must share the secret key with all the authorities so that the message can be cracked or decrypted. The type of symmetric cipher that is most often used is the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). In fact, this cipher is also used by the US government to protect very important state secret information.

Asymmetric cipher
Another name for this type of encryption is public-key encryption. This type of encryption uses two interconnected keys. Usually, this key uses prime numbers because it provides stronger protection against protected data. For this encryption, the most frequently used type of algorithm is Rivets-Shamir-Andleman (RSA).


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