Choosing a Good VPN

In the 21st century, the fristående or online privacy and your online data are everything. You need to protect it with whatever tools you have. If you are planning to buy a VPN, always look for one that is transparent in all aspects. The VPN should not secretly keep logs nor should it be located in a country that has data retention laws. The potential risks of using a VPN that tracks your data are enormous. To make sure that you can choose the right VPN, you should consider taking a look at these.

Before you get a VPN, make sure to look at these aspects:

VPN Jurisdiction
Perhaps the first most important thing you should look for in a VPN is not the features, but the location of the headquarters. The reason why this is noteworthy is that VPN companies tend to follow the laws and regulations of the country in which they are located. For example, PIA VPN is headquartered in the United States and clearly states that if the US authorities force it to share its users’ data, then it has no choice but to comply with the authorities. Once you know the name of the country, make sure it doesn’t fall under the 14 points of the member country. These fourteen countries have agreements to share their citizens’ intelligence between them, which will lead to compromising your online privacy.

Privacy policy
Every VPN company and its website has a privacy policy page that discloses what information they store and what they do with such information. In that section, you need to identify what important information is actually getting you into trouble. There are two types of logs. Connection logs are connection timestamp, connection date, connection time, device information, etc. These logs are important but cannot trace you back to the original location where you were. Another type of log is the ‘activity log’ which can definitely trace back to the original location where you were. The activity log is your real IP address, browsing history, and all kinds of activity on your internet.

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