Definition of Encryption

The definition of encryption is a method for securing secrets. For people who do not make the world of cryptography their object of study, at least they will hear or read this term on the devices they use. This encryption method dates back to ancient times when the Romans and Greeks exchanged secret messages. You can visit our website to know about online VPN or fristående.

The secret message was sent not in its original form. However, the message will be converted into a code which the recipient must then decipher to find out the essence of the message. They have a tool called ‘Scytale’ which functions to convert messages into codes. Scytale has a shape like a cylindrical tube with letters around it. Over time, this method has become known to many people and is no longer difficult to solve. This is very reasonable considering that scytale was the first coding tool.

The notion of encryption is closely related to the history of the emergence of business encoding a message. Encryption is defined as a step to secure news/messages/information by converting the message into a code system which if read without solving it will become a meaningless word. In other words, the message becomes unreadable without being deciphered first. For example “TPGEYSBH”. Words with a series of letters are meaningless if read directly. Another thing is if it has been solved or decrypted. Decryption is breaking the encrypted message and translating the code into the original message.

That way, the message is kept confidential and is expected to be conveyed only to the intended party because the decryption method or formula is only given to the intended body or person. This illustration also emphasizes the meaning of encryption and decryption.

Until now, encryption has been used in many countries and organizations around the world to provide security for the communication that is being carried out. Not only that, individuals who also want to convey important and very confidential messages also use this method after knowing about the meaning of encryption and decryption.

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